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Welcome to the World of Philip Cox - Creator of Paper People

A self portrait


Philip works instinctively, taking inspiration from everyday situations and people he sees around him, or as in the Strangely Familiar exhibition, from artists who have impressed him.

"...All my figures begin with the modelling of the face in papier-mache. I do not use drawings or photographs, preferring to rely on my visual memory and the intuitive use of materials. This gives a quality of freshness to each persons features and their facial expression that I like. All my sculptures are based on real people. Some may be an amalgam of the characteristics of three or four people and others resemble particular people or personalities. I prefer to let the viewer decide which is which!"

Whether modelling a portrait or a fictitious person, the way in which the sculpture's face is animated is very important.

The body language and pose then enhance this.

"...I usually have a clear idea of what kind of mood I want to create for each sculpture, before I begin, The face starts off as paper pulp, which is then moulded like clay. I never put the eyes in until the figure is finished..."

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