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Welcome to the World of Philip Cox - Creator of Paper People

People in Place Tour

People in Place

People in Place is an extension of the work that I made for the "Paper People" touring show that was organised by York City Art Gallery in 1987. Most of the sculptures for this exhibition were individual characters, but with their gregarious, and in various ways, humorous personalities, it has been a natural progression for me to create groups of people within their own settings.

I hope that each individual piece in this exhibition will speak for itself in whatever way it is able to and that there is possibly a thread of a story in each setting, but I'm not going to say what I have in mind and I would hope that people will make their own interpretations.

Please choose from the links below to view a larger image plus description.

The Primitive Methodists

The Last Tango

The Last Tango (2)

Gerald and Mrs Elliott

Cakes and Ale

The Heavenly Music Corporation

The Green Family

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